We have seen huge advantages of working online, from the development of our simulation portal, to the hosting of trainees from over 20 countries last year who did not have to find accommodation in London for three weeks.

The impact of Amplify was stronger than ever, as we saw more early success stories from the 2020 cohort than any other year.

Some things however will still work well face-to-face and one of the highlights of our summer programme is that so many leading industry professionals are willing to help our candidates in their careers.

So in 2021 whilst the simulation training will still be held online over the three week period, all attendees will be invited to our in-person networking events in London. These have always been a highlight of the summer programme and in 2021 we invite all trainees to attend as many events as they wish or are able to. For any analysts who cannot come to London for a networking event, the invitation will remain open to you for 2022 and of course, we will still be holding all the excellent online networking events as planned, so this is really a bonus for 2021.

There will be 2 networking events held in London from the start of September. Companies that joined us for the networking events in 2020 online included:

Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, DE Shaw, Alpha Asset Management Consulting, HSBC, BGF Private Equity, The Foresight Group, VCMT and many more

If you want to find out how this experience can help boost your chances of landing a prestigious front-office banking role, book a call with a member of our team here